Below are a few testimonials for current customers.

"I've had dry, scaly, hard, thick skin on my hands and elbows for many years. After trying loads of products, including steroid creams, I eventually tried Mushatt’s Macwash and Intensive Skin Ointment. The results were amazing. The great thing is that there are no steroids or antibiotics, and it's totally natural. I'd recommend them to anyone with problem skin."
- Dolores Ross

"My lichen panus has improved dramatically with use of Mushatt's Intensive Skin Ointment and Scalp & Hair Shampoo. The lesions on my scalp have completely disappeared and those on the backs of my hands are almost gone. Thank you for the interest you showed me at a time when I needed to find a way forward with my skin problem."
- Mary Kerr

"My son developed chronic acne during his mid-teens. We tried every type of product available until a neighbour recommended Mushatt's. We visited a pharmacy where we got advice on diet and lifestyle, and the Mushatt's No. 9 Macwash, Skin Cream and Skin Lotion. There was a noticeable difference within 10 days and his skin was clear within a month – and an incredibly different teenager emerged!!! He continues to use Macwash daily and is very careful about his diet."
- Valerie Flynn

"We visited the Mushatt’s Pharmacy in Dublin after my son had an allergic reaction to a steroid cream prescribed for him for psoriasis. We were astounded with the results and recommend Mushatt’s to all parents who have children with this condition."
- Catriona Kilbride

"My son, Peter, was born with very dry skin that developed into eczema. We attended our doctor several times and were prescribed several different treatments, but Peter kept getting worse. When he was three months old, a friend gave me some Mushatt’s creams to try and within two weeks I saw a great improvement and his skin was eventually clear. When my second son was born, we started using the Macwash and Skin Lotion from day one, right there in the hospital?"
- Mary Johnson

"I brought my 1 year old to you a few weeks ago to get creams for her bad eczema. The results have been amazing. A lot of people have noticed the improvement. I am no longer using the doctor prescribed hydrocortisone or zyrtec .Thanks so much for helping to clear her skin."
- Alice