Below are a few testimonials from current customers.

"I've had dry, scaly, hard, thick skin on my hands and elbows for many years. After trying loads of products, including steroid creams, I eventually tried Mushatt’s Macwash and Intensive Skin Ointment. The results were amazing. The great thing is that there are no steroids or antibiotics, and it's totally natural. I'd recommend them to anyone with problem skin."
- Dolores Ross

"My lichen panus has improved dramatically with use of Mushatt's Intensive Skin Ointment and Scalp & Hair Shampoo. The lesions on my scalp have completely disappeared and those on the backs of my hands are almost gone. Thank you for the interest you showed me at a time when I needed to find a way forward with my skin problem."
- Mary Kerr

"My son developed chronic acne during his mid-teens. We tried every type of product available until a neighbour recommended Mushatt's. We visited a pharmacy where we got advice on diet and lifestyle, and the Mushatt's No. 9 Macwash , Skin Cream and Skin Lotion. There was a noticeable difference within 10 days and his skin was clear within a month – and an incredibly different teenager emerged!!! He continues to use Macwash daily and is very careful about his diet."
- Valerie Flynn

"We visited the Mushatt’s Pharmacy in Dublin after my son had an allergic reaction to a steroid cream prescribed for him for psoriasis. We were astounded with the results and recommend Mushatt’s to all parents who have children with this condition."
- Catriona Kilbride

"My son, Peter, was born with very dry skin that developed into eczema. We attended our doctor several times and were prescribed several different treatments, but Peter kept getting worse. When he was three months old, a friend gave me some Mushatt’s creams to try and within two weeks I saw a great improvement and his skin was eventually clear. When my second son was born, we started using the Macwash and Skin Lotion from day one, right there in the hospital?"
- Mary Johnson

"I brought my 1 year old to you a few weeks ago to get creams for her bad eczema. The results have been amazing. A lot of people have noticed the improvement. I am no longer using the doctor prescribed hydrocortisone or zyrtec .Thanks so much for helping to clear her skin."
- Alice

Well I'm 27 years old and had psoriasis for 4 years and all the creams I have used were through doctors so I was getting directly from the Pharmacy but this year I wanted to try new products which are available on the market from other countries and I started to make my research on internet going through feedbacks and the most positive feedback came from people who have been using Mushatt's products. And then I googled it found some Mushatt's products from amazon but I preferred to buy from the original website. I only hope that this product will bring goodness for me since I got married last year , and I have some serious plaques psoriasis all over my body so I wish I will be able to control my psoriasis.

There are a lot of internet forums in Croatia that discuss psoriasis problem and on one of them called FORUM.HR somebody mentioned your internet page and products but he asked has anyone tried these products I saw the page and ordered scalp shampoo and replied I will tell you when it arrives. The price of the product and shipping is fair and I hope it will help in my fight against psoriasis!

I was told by my friend that Mushatt's really works - her husband has come across the product in Basra (Iraq) as sadly he has struggled with Psoriasis for many years and it was working for him. I have has psoriasis since I was 18 yrs old, nothing too severe , just patches on elbows and a small area on my back . The ointment has completely cleared it up so I am very pleased I discovered it!!
W.R., UK

I've only been using Mushatt's No. 9, for 72 hrs and what a big relief, thanks to my husband, which will save me cost of visit to dermatologist+ Co. payment to visit + Copayment at pharmacy, $30 for Mushatt's No. 9 - I'm in Heaven, compared to $20 to visit Doctor + $175 + $20 at the pharmacy, I love the relief of flaky & itchy skin, Everything that was prescribed, (Clobetasol Propionate) was a joke compared to Mushatt's No. 9

I currently work in Southern Iraq and when I came here on my last rotation I asked a local if he could buy me some cream (in Basra) I'd seen online in a Psoriasis forum. When he returned a few days later he didn't bring me the one I'd seen, but he brought me Mushatt's No9, so after reading the instruction I tried it. After a week or so the results were outstanding and the longer I used it the better it got. It's now the best I've had it in nearly 30 years! and it's barely recognisable. I told my wife and as below she informed her employer (Wendy) who purchased this online and she had very good results too. I've since told some medical people out here who have friends that suffer with Psoriasis too. I don't know if you personally surer with P? but after years of it you get used to people's comments and it looking red and sore, but your product, although purely by chance has transformed my elbows and other areas and restored a little self confidence. You have my word that any sufferers that I see or meet by chance will be recommended Mushatt's No9 that's for sure

I found a product of yours in a magazine. I received 3 bottles and like it very much as it’s so effective. It is called “Psoriasis Scalp Cream”. Please send me some more. Thank you!

Thank you for the Mushatt's No. 9 Skin Ointment. I can't tell you how much it has helped my daughter. She has had this skin condition for 12 years or more, and it was driving her crazy. I thank you so very much.

I have used all the products and am happy to say that except for a few spots on my elbows I am now CLEAR of Psoriasis. Thank you, thank you, I have suffered with this for over twenty years. I tell all my family and friends and give them your website.

For almost two years now, I have struggled with loss of hair to the extent of a round bald spot on the top of my head. I have made numerous calls to the dermatologist with a diagnosis of some kind of dermatitis (I don't remember) and prescription shampoos, creams and an admonition to "stop scratching my head!) This was because of scaly bumps that repeatedly appeared on my head and would dry out and was the cause of me scratching it. Finally, the hair began to grow back after a year and the purchase of an expensive wig ($100) to wear to church and social events to ease my embarrassment of my scaly bumpy head. Finally one day I was looking at a catalog from Dr. Leonard's and came across you ad for the cream. At last I thought, however it sounded too good to be true. Well, I ordered the scalp cream and have been using it for about three weeks and WOW, WOW what a difference!!!! This is a miracle compared to what I was using and I can finally touch my head without bumps and scaly dry material constantly falling out! I usually don't write testimonials; however, I just had to write this one. Thank you, Thank you, for your product and I am ready to re-order for another bottle and I am sure that I will be completely healed and my hair will continue to grow back naturally!

I bought Mushatt's No. 9 Psoriasis Skin Ointment because I ran out of prescription ointment from my doctor. Mushatt's is smelly, but thick and soothing. I joke that I smell like a telephone pole when I use it. I use it with a thick layer of Aquaphor over it and then cotton socks at night for an occlusion effect. The Mushatt's takes the pain and swelling away (psoriasis is on the soles of my feet) but doesn't help much with itching and peeling. I like it better than anything else over-the-counter I have tried. It is good in between prescription refills. I will buy it again.

I've had eczema for a long time and have tried so many things (home remedies, prescribed ointments, etc.). When my skin is good, it's really good and when it's bad, it's down right embarrassing. I was skeptical about using this cream and thought that there's really nothing out there that I haven't tried. I'd almost gotten use to just dealing with the pain, discomfort and ritual with trying to cover it up. I've used so many types of concealers and foundation to cover my eczema up when I've had those flare ups. And if you're like me, then you know that it is only temporary covering up what's underneath and while you're out, your skin starts to peel and get scaly and itchy! First of all, shipping was very fast and I received it in a nice small box that was packed with bubble wrap to keep the contents very snug so that it wouldn't flop around. Second, the tube of cream has a safety seal. Nice! 3rd of all, it's in a tube. Yay! I really hate dealing with creams that are in jars or those aluminum tubes. And finally, I only applied this right before bed the first time and I cannot tell you that I did not, I repeat...did not scratch my skin in the middle of the night (like I have been) and waking up to a flaky, scaly face. I was down right impressed. Now mind you it hasn't completely gone away but it now has been 1 night and 1 day where I've put this cream on my face and I haven't scratched it, picked at it and I've actually smiled a bigger grin today while outside (all while wearing less makeup). Oh yes, forgot to mention. No ungodly smells in the cream. I don't feel like I'm wearing anything on my face! Love love love! You won't be disappointed. I'm happy that I don't have to look around for any eczema cream anymore. I only wish I had found this product earlier in life so that I didn't have to deal with all the embarrassing cover ups

I went to my dermatology Doctor on Thursday of last week and he told me I had psoriasis on my elbows and gave me some medicine. He told me to put it on at night and then wrap my elbows in saran wrap. When I told my daughter about this she encouraged me to use your Mushatt's PsoriWash and Skin Ointment So I gave it a try and I told her today that my elbows are already clearing up. This medicine is very good and I am pleased how fast it helped on my psoriasis problem. Thank you for such an excellent healthy product.

The second day after starting to use Mushatt's Skin Ointment my skin started clearing. This is working right now better than an expensive cortisone ointment. I would recommend it for anyone with psoriasis. This is the best stuff ever for me.

I would recommend this product (Skin Ointment) for psoriasis to everyone that has a mild case. This will take away the redness and the blotches, But you need to use it often. Get some you won't be disappointed.

I have been free of psoriasis for some time but lately it has returned, so I was very happy to get a supply of Mushatt's No. 9. Already (within one week) the intense itching is receding and I am much more comfortable. Mushatt's is a god send. Thank you!

I wanted you to know that I gave my friend your products….and the results are miraculous. This is a man who is about 64, and has had this condition his entire life. He has tried everything. However, NONE of the products he has used worked….until Mushatt's No. 9. In fact, the results were so amazing that after only one week of use, his kids were asking him what he had done…that they were all blown-away by the way his arms and legs looked…

Extract from User letter to their Dermatologist; June 2011. As you know, I have tried more than 20 products (shampoos, prescriptions, OVC tubes, liquids etc to relieve itching). None was really effective for more than a few minutes. Thus, I thank you very much for the Mushatt’s No. 9 Scalp Cream sample on May 11, 2011. After using Mushatt’s No. 9 Scalp Cream for 3 weeks I can definitely recommend it. It is amazing at stopping itching and irritation. After two and a half years of annoying and frustrating symptoms, I find great relief from the non-greasy, light weight scalp cream. Also the redness behind my ears vanished after only two light applications with my fingertips! To be sure of the results, for the first few days I used Mushatt's on the left side of my neck and another product on the right side; the left side would instantly experience relief unlike the momentary on the right side. I then ordered a jar from Mushatt's and was very satisfied with their prompt response and willingness to answer questions (rather that a generic answering machine). How refreshing! I gave the scalp cream to an eye doctor employee whose husband suffers from long standing severe psoriasis. They are both thrilled with the results. His skin redness subsided quickly and the body sores show major improvement. (Other products had not helped) I hope more people will have the opportunity to use Mushatt’s No. 9 products as I’m sure their skin issues will be helped also.

I have placed an order for more of the Mushatt's Scalp Cream. It has worked well. My scalp isn't the angry red it was... it's not totally clear, but is a much lighter pink and I've reached the point where I feel I might be able to wear dark colors again! I will continue to use the Scalp Cream. The PsoriWash also is excellent and I thank you for that as well.

After being diagnosed with a severe case of Psoriasis, with mention of a heavy steroidal prescription treatment, I got samples of Mushatt's from my dermatologist to try. I was covered, but after constant treatment with Mushatt's it has improved. My Dermatologist was impressed by such good results.

I'm a hairdresser working in a vanity business. My elbows were so badly white and crusty, I was always embarrassed by them and in this biz we sell style and confidence and my elbows did not help. I was given Mushatt’s cream as a gift and immediately thought "another quack cream" and said thank you but was willing to try even after numerous potions over the years, both very expensive and cheap, from the doctor or just a well intentioned friend. In only a week, I noticed a big difference in that I was not as itchy and not scratching as much (leaving my DNA every where). This cream is the only thing I have used that has had any long lasting effects to clear my unsightly elbows. Other creams usually stopped working within about a couple of weeks. The PsoriWash moisturizer gives a nice clean skin. I am very happy with the product and have told clients about it both male and female. Thanks again to Mushatt's . I am one happy and nice elbowed person for the first time in years.

Dear Sir, You are an angel who has provided so much relief and comfort to my daughter. She has suffered from her skin condition for eight years. No fewer than 10 healthcare professionals (dermatologists, dieticians, acupuncturists, etc.) diagnosed and unsuccessfully treated her for everything including a spider bite, wheat allergy, lupus, etc. with no positive results. The only semi-successful treatment was a steroid cream (which requires a very expensive prescription but she has no health insurance) plus dangerous and expensive tanning beds...until I found a reference to your products in a psoriasis chat room. You cared so much to personally call her prior to sending your products. Within a week, she has a positive outlook for the first time in eight years. Her results are nothing short of miraculous, and she is finally not ashamed to show her skin. We live in Arizona where the temperatures are typically over 100 for at least five months of the year, yet she would wear a jacket to cover her arms. She is so excited to have finally found your product, and is now inspired to pursue a future helping others with this condition. From the bottom of heart, thank you.

I was amazed at how good Mushatt's works. It’s one of the best products I’ve come across and I’m very pleased to find that it has taken pretty much all of the scabs away. My Skin is softer and it’s worked very well. I had very heave growth on my scalp and Mushatt's Scalp cream worked very well for me. I was really amazed to see how my skin was much softer and moisturized.

I just had to tell you how pleased I am with the PsoriWash. I just got it yesterday and have used it twice and I cannot believe the change in my skin so quickly. I just ordered another one I love it so much. I am also planning on using it on my husband who had skin cancer years ago on the scalp and it is dry and flakey, I want to see if it will help heal him too. Thanks

I am in AWE of how well this product has worked for me and I have only been using it for the past 3 days! No more angry red spots all over my face, no more itching....and the scaling is going away now too, thanks to regular applications of the ointment. I have high hopes that with consistent use, my skin will clear up totally — at least it's well on the way to doing that, now! I have tried medical prescriptions, various over the counter and online creams...and they barely calmed down my lesions (while the dermatologist prescribed stuff irritated them even more.) I cannot express how grateful I am for your product and hope to try the scalp cream in the future.

Your products are very, very helpful. I am now 67 years old and I have had psoriasis since I was 3 years old. Mushatt's No. 9 is by far the best cream that I have ever used. I am also giving a full range of products to my daughter and son who also have psoriasis.

I have been using your product for about a week. I have plantar pustlar psoriasis on my feet and hands. Well, I have tried every....prescriptions, OTC, you name it, I bought it looking for relief. I am happy to report I have finally found a product that works. My feet are improving...I can walk pain free. They are looking better and better. I am so encouraged. I have been using the cream and the wash. I believe the wash is key. My feet feel pliable. Not so tight and dry. Thanks again....

Using the skin cream has drastically reduced my use of cortisone cream on my legs. I was very pleased with this and would recommend the skin cream. Scalp cream good too, would LOVE to see a shampoo/conditioner, as cream is still a hassle

I have been using your products for a month now and I can honestly say that I have definitely seen a bit of improvement in the areas that I have tried it on and am impressed with the product. I tried in on only one area of my body so that I could compare. The ointment was nice, easy to apply and did not have the really bad smell many tar based products do, and absorbed quickly into the area. I would recommend this product to others with psoriasis. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try these items.

I have to say the only sample I have tried on a regular basis is the face one and I do love it. I need to start using it more regularly because when I use it twice a day it really makes a difference. Come to think of it I'll put some on right now. I haven't used any of the others yet, but I will. I also will definitely check out the website. Thanks again!

I have had psoriasis for 20+ years and it was gone in one week! I love this product.

Thanks for your product. It worked for the time being, it might be on the time of remission but it seemed to work well to control outbreak. Thanks again.

I love the face cream- it keeps my face moist and clear.* I also use the Facial Cream which is excellent as well.* Left skin softer than soap, relieved itch* It compares very well with other specialized creams etc* It has really helped my kids.*

Your product really made a HUGE difference in my life. I used to spend hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist (several) without having any of my psoriasis even being close to being cleared up. Your products worked miracles. My elbows are clear and no unsightly scaling and redness or thickness — nice and smooth. I can now wear short sleeve shirts to work and out in public without thinking someone is afraid to get near me.

For 12 years I have had Psoriasis on my arms and legs and have spent much time researching my condition. I have tried anything I could lay my hands on, both from my doctor and advertised products.I have used various steroid creams and was looking for an effective alternative especially for my face where I get regular bad flare ups at the base of both nostrils. My mother, who is Irish, was on vacation in Ireland and took back a jar of Mushatt's Face Cream. The results were amazing. I can’t say thank you as many times as I would like.

I'm a journalist for a TV magazine and I write a men's grooming column. I write about a lot of products and I have tried a lot of commercial high end creams etc. the likes you will find in high end stores. But I'm about to write a piece about the best skin care product(s) that I have found so far. And that is Mushatt's No.9. I use the skin cream religiously and which I found recently after some searching

I use the Mushatt's PsoriWash on my daughter Mai Vi (we adopted her from Vietnam) because I refuse to put steroid based creams on her.... even though the doctor recommended it... he said to use Cortisone 1% on her skin but I feel guilty when I do. I have tried and as soon as I stopped, her condition worsened. Her skin got very dry, and Mushatt's Psoriwash has amazing results for that. It also helps that I don't give her a bath every day. I can and have been recommending Mushatt's Psoriwash to other people and moms with babies, and everybody has been asking about it. There's a great need for this product.

My daughter brought me your Scalp Cream #9 from Dublin and I have used it now for 6 weeks. My husband rubs the cream on my psoriasis spots each night at bedtime. I am happy to report that most of the psoriasis has gone. In just 6 weeks your product did what the prescriptions stated above failed to do in one year. That is truly amazing!!!! I would encourage anyone with a scalp condition to give these products a try. They will not be disappointed. I intend to bring the cream to my Dermatologist when I have my follow up appointment in December. I will recommend that he send for literature on the Mushatt's No.9 products.